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My name is Nina and I am a Western Tropical Astrologer and Certified Life Coach. I have been studying astrology since 2014 and reading astrological charts professionally since 2017. The aim of my practice is to use the tools of astrology and the skills of coaching to help people understand their nature, unpack how their nurture has shaped them, and empower themselves to act out of choice with greater awareness. I use these coaching skills in my readings when appropriate for the client's objective and I incorporate my understanding of astrology in my coaching relationships. Astrology is a beautiful and poetic language that serves as a wonderful tool to acknowledge and validate a person's feelings and experiences. The insight we gain from it can help develop our sense of self awareness and overall consciousness. Meanwhile coaching can help empower us to unpack and overcome our internal obstacles to move towards our goals with confidence. Whatever offering you choose from me, you will reap the benefits of both these tools. Should we find we make a good team I also offer long term support for you in your goals and self development. If you're not ready to book or would like to get better acquainted with my style and values as an astrologer, you can check out my Youtube Channel or sign up to my Newsletter for monthly updates from me on Astrology, new courses and offerings, and general musings on life. I hope to speak to you soon!


What They Have to Say

The astrology reading I received was very informative. I appreciate being able to have a personal dialogue with Nina. Having a personal reading along with the dialogue back-and-forth was very helpful in connecting and understanding all the different aspects I was curious to know about.

Shontaye S


If you need any clarification about my readings or would like to reach out to collaborate, don't hesitate!

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