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I care very much about making my clients happy but in my years of doing this I've learned that it is important to set up some boundaries. You are free to cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours before a session but with any shorter notice you will not be entitled to a refund. If you arrive any later than fifteen minutes to your scheduled appointment, you will be considered a no-show and the same cancellation policy will apply. Rest assured there will be attempts to contact you prior to closing out the appointment in that case. Appointments will also be canceled without refund if there is any harassment prior to the session. This includes, inappropriate and incessant comments or questions after being told to cease and desist. You are entitled to one free follow up question via email with every reading booked, but demanding free services is also considered harassment and will not be tolerated. Thank you in advanced for your respect and understanding and please reach out if any further clarification is needed.

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