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Eleventh House Cusp Rulers Breakdown

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Aries: Networking may not come naturally to you as you are given to wanting to rely solely on yourself. You may have trouble with generosity or social motivation. You can make friends quickly or may make immediate judgments on people on whether you would like them as a friend or not based on first impression/may make snap judgments in general.

Taurus: You prefer quality over quantity when it comes to friendship. Your circle may not be very big but those in your circle are in your circle because they are relationships you want to last a lifetime. You may be slow to consider someone a friend and likely have a difficult time cutting off friends when you have to. You need platonic relationships in order to feel secure.

Gemini: Likely to have many friends and many, many acquaintances. You find mental stimulation in social interaction and therefore may rely on people more than you value individuals.

Cancer: Your friendships and how they are functioning play a big role in your emotional well being. You may find that most of your friends are female or have a more nurturing nature. You also likely prefer to spend your time socializing in a comfortable, homey environment, perhaps specifically your own home.

Leo: You can be fiercely loyal to your friendships but may also entertain many casual friendships for the sake of appearing to have many friends. What other people think of you in context of your friend group means a lot to you and you seek recognition and admiration through your friends, both directly and also through what others think of you in context of your network.

Virgo: You are loyal to your friends and pick them carefully. You also unabashedly acknowledge the practicality of your friends when it comes to networking purposes or other possible perks they may provide, which can inform your decisions on who you let into your circle. That being said, you don't think twice about providing the same kind of usefulness towards your friends.

Libra: You likely have many friends and have an easy time attracting friendships. You may find love and even a marriage partner through your friend group. You search for a sense of harmony and peace from your friend group and may play mediator.

Scorpio: You are selective with the people you call your friends, but are intensely loyal. You may also have a strong intuition of whether someone will be your friend on first impression. You are attracted to powerful and bold people as friends. You might have experiences of being betrayed by friendships, and may have a notable reputation in your social circles - for better or for worse.

Sagittarius: You crave an intellectual rapport from your friendships and enjoy debating with your friends. You likely have many acquaintances but this isn't an indicator of someone who forms strong and lasting friendships, though other things in your chart may indicate otherwise.

Capricorn: You may have difficulty making friends, it may require some extra effort and patience to build a platonic relationship into a full fledged friendship due to your own hesitation to open up. More than often you likely don't bother investing in most people, but friendships that you do invest in are built to last.

Aquarius: You crave a diverse friend group and are drawn to particularly innovative and out of the box types. You are open to all kinds of people but are most likely to forge a friendship with someone who provides you with something none of your other relationships provide.

Pisces: You are likely a very giving friend who does not think twice about sacrificing themselves for the sake of someone in their friend group. You may run into danger with idealizing your friends and sometimes can't necessarily see who they really are.

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