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Fifth House Cusp Rulers Breakdown

To get a better understanding of what the fifth house represents and for fifth house planetary placement interpretations you can check out this video right here

Aries: Dives into creative projects headfirst without much premeditation. It is essential to act on your creative impulses as soon as they come or you will likely lose the impulse. Creates headstrong children that you might find difficult to have obey you. Romance is passionate and you can fall fast.

Taurus: Whatever you make needs to be beautiful and come from a place of love. You might not be motivated to create unless there is a particular incentive, such as an assignment, a competition with a valuable prize, or another type of reward - tangible or not. A very sensual person. Will make beautiful children.

Gemini: Your creative projects are likely more intellectually oriented than they are physical and you may have a hard time committing to fulfilling one impulse because you are full of creative ideas that mostly remain ideas. Also may juggle romances and value first and foremost an intellectual connection. Children will inherit your wit.

Cancer: You create out of emotional impulse, likely out of a therapeutic need. You nurture your projects like babies and likely have a strong affinity towards children. You wear your heart on your sleeve in romance, it’s hard to not get feelings involved and fall hard. There is no doubt your children will be nurtured. You also feel the need to be authentic and vulnerable in your creative self expression.

Leo: Highly creative and not shy to express it. Your need to create comes more out of a need to express yourself more than anything else. You keep your audience in mind but not necessarily to cater to them, mostly because expressing yourself in front of people is more meaningful as you seek affirmation - though you don't necessarily need affirmation and already have a well built self esteem. Passionate and lead by your heart in romance. You will see a lot of yourself in your children, likely your best and most admirable qualities. You will definitely hype your children up.

Virgo: You take great care in how and what you create and may think it out over and over before you even take your first tangible action. You strive for perfection and may be shy to express yourself. You may end up nit picking your children. This is also an indication of someone who has a harder time knowing how to let loose and have fun.

Libra: You may get caught up in how others receive your creativity/creations, you aim to please your audience and also strive for beauty and perfection in everything you create. You may feel most comfortable collaborating with another person in a project or may express your creativity through the theme of relationships/people. Your children will inherit your good looks.

Scorpio: You are not quick to share your creative projects or even your hobbies with other people. You may have a hard time not taking things seriously and you certainly invest a lot in your creative projects. You have no fear in destroying your creative concepts or projects only to build them from the ground up again better than your original attempt, but you can be very fearful to share them. Likely because what you create comes out of your deepest, most private emotions. You take any kind of romance very seriously and seek out intense experiences that will transform you. You are likely to be very protective over your children.

Sagittarius: You indulge in pleasures of all kind and your creativity comes out of the impulse to send a message that you believe can change the world by way of informing the people. Romance is fun and you learn a lot but accumulating a lot of experience in it. You will bestow your children with all the wisdom you have, and may find that your children are a reflection of how cultured you are yourself.

Capricorn: An indication of someone who tends to take life a little "too seriously" and has a hard time letting loose. Not afraid of taking on creative projects that require a lot of time and patience but may have a hard time feeling you even have the right to express yourself creatively because you are so perfectionistic with your work. That perfectionism and controlled nature can carry over into how you raise your children, demanding and/or expecting a lot from them.

Aquarius: Not satisfied with doing the same thing as everyone else, you go out of your way to find new ways of creating or adding your own twist to tried and true creative mediums. Your creative impulse also comes out of a desire to save the world and usually has a cultural statement attached to it. May exclude common traditions from the way you raise your kids like Santa Clause or the tooth fairy, or be otherwise offbeat in your parenting style. Must keep your autonomy in romance.

Pisces: You may not even know where your creative impulses come from, they may feel like downloads of inspiration that come out of nowhere and they are likely plentiful. You may have a hard time finding the means to express all your creative ideas as they can be complex and you may lack the motivation to actually get them out of your head. You can easily wear rose tinted glasses in romance and fall very easily even in flings. You will be very gentle to your children.

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