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Ninth House Cusp Rulers Breakdown

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Aries: Your intention with higher education and traveling is to serve yourself and your identity. You also have a lot of pride in your beliefs and may not be likely to listen to the beliefs of others.

Taurus: You are more likely to follow a traditional trajectory with higher education and are most likely to travel to places for the sake of experiencing the food, culture, and aesthetic than for adventure purposes. Also may be stubborn in your beliefs.

Gemini: May not be so fastened in your beliefs and like to educate yourself on multiple schools of thought in any subject. You're most likely to travel for educational purposes. You may feel insecure when questioned about your beliefs as you might not be as rooted and secure in them as you feel is expected.

Cancer: What you believe goes hand in hand with what you feel, you support causes that speak to you on an emotional level and are less likely to believe in something that makes its case intellectually. You likely feel more comfortable and at home in foreign places than where you actually grew up or no matter where you are you may have an "anywhere but here" attitude.

Leo: Learning and traveling are a big part of your life and what you believe the most in is yourself.

Virgo: Whatever you believe in you believe in it because you are highly educated on it and can likely educate anyone who asks you about it. You prefer to put your faith in things that makes a case that appeals to your Cartesian mind rather than your feelings.

Libra: Your beliefs are hinged on the themes of justice and fairness. You also show a lot of respect to other people's opinions and are willing to hear out anyone's argument. You enjoy learning about people and are most likely to travel to places with cultural significance.

Scorpio: You are likely attracted to learning about darker/occult beliefs and expanding your mind through diving into the mysteries of life. You are also probably fixed in whatever you believe, or else went through a great transformation of believing very fixedly in one school of thought only to end up destroying that belief and following a completely different school of thought.

Sagittarius: You are especially drawn to expanding your mind through travel and higher education and exploring different beliefs.

Capricorn: You most likely are more of a skeptic, choosing to believe in more traditional beliefs and not buying into conspiracy theories. You like solid evidence to back up your beliefs and may find faith to be rather naive.

Aquarius: You are likely more open to conspiracy theories and unconventional beliefs or taken an unconventional approach to higher education. Travel for you is seen as an opportunity to spice up your life and shake things up. You may find yourself guilty of wanting to live in an echo-chamber of your beliefs, surrounding yourself only with people that echo back your same philosophies. Or you might in fact strive to be around people who challenge what you believe and introduce new philosophies to you. Either way, other people play a role in what you believe or how you relate to your beliefs.

Pisces: Most likely to be a particularly spiritual or religious person and to truly live by your beliefs. You may have taken an artistic route to higher education and most likely prefer to travel to destination with large bodies of water or that have a spiritual significance. You may also travel in order to have a spiritual experience.

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