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Second House Cusp Rulers Breakdown

You can go to for an interpretation of what the second house represents as a whole and for interpretations of different planets in the second house.

Aries: Strong sense of pride or self esteem. Unlikely to accept financial help from others or rely on others' opinions for your self worth. May tend to spend money impulsively.

Taurus: Fixed sense of self esteem, whether positive or negative. Enjoys luxuries and has a quality over quantity mindset. Good indication of a steady income as long as certain planets do not interfere.

Gemini: Sense of self worth is measured by your intellect. May make money by means of communicating with people or sharing your knowledge.

Cancer: Difficulty making money in anything in which your emotions are not invested. Likely equate your sense self worth with how well you take care of others. Career fields where you take care of others such as nursing may be especially fulfilling to you.

Leo: Sense of self worth may be derived from affirmation/admiration from others. Strong drive to perform, likely most fulfilled in a creative career field. May have a tendency towards lavish spending habits.

Virgo: Indication of financial responsibility, meticulously budgeted. Sense of self worth measured by your intellect and boosted when you serve others.

Libra: Geared towards aesthetic purchases and may hang your sense of self worth on your beauty or otherwise tie it in with your aesthetic. Also driven to make money through communication or in a field that involves studying or working with people - more likely to work under or alongside someone than be a boss.

Scorpio: Indication of financial upsets, unpredictable losses and gains. Sense of self worth derived from your sense of intuition, sexuality, and/or occult knowledge. May be secretive with your finances - how much you make, how you make it - or make your money by dubious means.

Sagittarius: Prone to overspending but unlikely to be without money when you need it. Strong attachment to your beliefs which influence your sense of self worth. May make money from traveling or teaching, or using your drive towards seeking knowledge to make yourself valuable in a career sense.

Capricorn: Sense of self worth derived from sense of discipline. Financially disciplined and makes good money through strong efforts. Long term oriented in terms of finances.

Aquarius: Sense of self worth derived from being an individual - different, and independent. Has an offbeat or entrepreneurial way of making money. May tend to spend money on novelty items.

Pisces: Convoluted sense of self worth, possibly hung on artistic abilities or sense of spirituality - likely also makes a living this way. Unpredictable financial pattern both in spending and earning.

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