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Seventh House Cusp Rulers Breakdown

To get a better understanding of what the seventh house represents click here

For interpretations on personal planetary placements in the seventh house check out this video

Then this video for interpretations of generational planetary placements in the seventh house You can also checkout my Ascendant + Descendant Series for more some more detailed interpretations of your 7th house cusp

Aries: Attracted to confidence, may assume that everyone you interact with is more confident than you. Compensation for this fear can lead others to believe you are more self assured than you feel. May search out more aggressive and confident partners to help bring out that side of you or may rely on a relationship to give you an identity.

Taurus: Searching for a stable and loyal relationship which brings you a feeling of security. May have a tendency to see other people's beauty more than your own and will likely discovery your beauty or feminine side through affirmation from an important relationship.

Gemini: May have a more lighthearted approach to commitment, searching more for a best friend kind of connection than anything else - someone specifically who brings out a more lighthearted side of who and with whom you share an intellectual connection.

Cancer: Indication of someone who looks to relationships to open up their softer side and may feel more emotionless outside of a significant partnership. Attracted to caring and compassionate individuals or someone with maternal qualities. Also may have a "hero instinct" that attracts them to softer more vulnerable people that they want to take care of.

Leo: May not learn self love until they receive it from a partner. Looking for someone who brings them out of their shell and whom they can feel comfortable being themselves around, which may be a tall order.

Virgo: Not attracted to the obvious hunk, more drawn to the unassuming intellectual who displays a genuine care. Commitment oriented, which is not founded on passion or primal attraction. Looks to relationships to find a sense of responsibility. May assume everyone is smarter than them.

Libra: More attracted to people who portray more socially feminine characteristics and has a secret feminine shadow side that can only be brought out by others. This is the frat boy who will let you paint their nails and enjoys it, or the fiercely independent lady who suddenly melts into a gushing romantic when in a committed partnership.

Scorpio: Attracted to mystery and intense personalities. May be strongly drawn to commitment or highly terrified of it - or both. Either way has a lot to discover through relationships which can be daunting or exciting.

Sagittarius: The only way commitment can be appealing to this person is if it doesn't come at the expense of their freedom. Attracted to more fun-loving relationships and above all hopes to gain knowledge and experiences through the partnerships they have in their life.

Capricorn: May be attracted to older or more successful people, possibly a provider to some extent. Relationships are meant to last to this person and anything that moves too fast can be off-putting. May have an inferiority complex, believing everyone else is innately more powerful, more successful, or more put together. However a shy demeanor may be misinterpreted as a superiority complex as at the end of the day this is your shadow side.

Aquarius: Attracted to a variety of people, as long as each person is providing something different to their life through their partnership. May have a subconscious fear of commitment and likely attracts partners with this same fear. Ultimately in order to be in a committed relationship there needs to be a factor of unconventionality.

Pisces: Attracted to people who are lead by the heart and who allow you to get out of your own head. Partnerships need to be built on a basis of compassion and giving. Your partner may creatively inspire you.

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