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Sixth House Cusp Rulers Breakdown

To get a better understanding of what the sixth house represents in astrology you can go to

And for interpretations of planets in the sixth house you can check out this video:

Aries: You may have a harder time establishing a routine or planning for the future out of the impulse to live more out of the here and now. You may also have a hard time playing well with others in the workplace or taking directions from a boss on the principle that you don't care to be a subordinate.

Taurus: You are likely dedicated to your work and live by a relatively stable and unchanging routine. If no planetary placements interfere you should have less of a tendency towards anxiety. You may work primarily with women.

Gemini: You likely juggle many things day to day and always seem to have a busy schedule or long to-do list. You may easily produce your own anxiety and find it easy to overwhelm yourself regardless of outside influence. Always on high alert but not necessarily the best with follow through; or perhaps a professional multi-tasker.

Cancer: An indicator of anxiety, your emotions are likely invested in your routine/having things go the right way. Issues with your health likely come about during highly emotional times and likewise health issues cause emotional turmoil. You may work with primarily women and/or in a field in which you take care of others.

Leo: You take pride in your work life and your efficiency and always prefer to take charge in work related situations. Health issues may arise with your heart and arteries. You also likely enjoy taking time for yourself to get your life in order.

Virgo: Innately organized and possibly meticulous with your routine. Sensitive to illness or perhaps a hypochondriac. A reliable worker.

Libra: Works well with others, routine may be dictated around what others need from you. A lack of harmony in everyday life or especially in the work place can leave you feeling highly anxious or even make you sick.

Scorpio: You may feel very intensely about your work and even become obsessed with it. You likely get very invested in your co-workers' personal lives. What causes you anxiety and health problems is a feeling of lacking control. You should be attentive towards your reproductive health.

Sagittarius: You may have a hard time with the mundanity of routine and seek a job that allows travel opportunities or doesn't adhere to a strict schedule. You must have a passion for what you do and maintain a sense of personal freedom in your work. You likely are very flexible with your everyday schedule.

Capricorn: Disciplined and dedicated in your work and with your routine. Likely in a job in which you can climb the latter or that perhaps has a competitive nature to it.

Aquarius: May work in a job that is ensemble oriented and/or people oriented. May follow a routine that breaks the mold or work unusual hours for work. Personal care may be somewhat difficult for you to grasp, feeling like you were left to figure out how to do this on your own.

Pisces: A better employee than a boss but highly emotionally invested in whatever job you are in -otherwise you can easily feel sick or depressed. There may be a difficulty with the structure of a routine and you may make up your schedule as the day goes, dictated by your mood and whims.

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