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Tenth House Cusp Rulers Breakdown

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Aries: You are likely quite comfortable in the spotlight, driven, and ambitious. You tackle your career head on and may be impatient to take strides, missing the value of approaching your career from a calculated and considered perspective.

Taurus: You portray a sense of charm and sensuality and may want to be seen by the public as someone with wealth. You may find that in your career you are surrounded by women or that you are in an industry related to Venusian things - beauty, fashion, cuisine, etc.

Gemini: You are drawn to a career path in which you can use a public platform to communicate and share information. People easily see your intellect and likely perceive you to be a lively and friendly person. You may have an easier time creating a public persona surrounding a specific niche.

Cancer: You have a need for a career that you are emotionally invested in, you care very deeply about your career and it is apparent to others. You may find that the most productive way to work through your emotions is by channeling them into your career or sharing them on a public platform. You likely have the desire to share your inner self on a public platform to some extent.

Leo: To be fulfilled in your career you demand to be recognized. The accomplishments of your career are the easiest for you to claim out of any other area of your life. You may feel the most confident and extroverted when you have an audience. You may stake too much of your sense of self on your apparent success and your ego may suffer if you are not in a position of high status.

Virgo: To be satisfied in your career you must be consistently mentally stimulated. You may be attracted to careers that involve a lot of detail oriented work or that are communication oriented. You feel the most fulfilled in your career when you are being of service to others.

Libra: You come across as charming and graceful to others and you wish to display your most diplomatic and agreeable persona to the public. You may be attracted to a career that is in the arts or beauty industry or that is centered around people and/or relationships. You likely work best and most comfortably in a pair and care a lot about keeping up appearances in your relationships.

Scorpio: You make a very strong and striking impression on a public platform and likely demand respect. Your career may involve psychology or the occult and you are likely very focused or may even tend to become obsessed with this area of your life. Your public persona is likely to be magnetic and people's opinions of you can be polarizing, but always intense.

Sagittarius: You may never settle into one job for too long or else adopt the attitude of "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life". Your career can bring you great abundance and/or opportunities and likely isn't a very serious, traditional, or conservative job. You give off an easygoing, jovial, and optimistic impression to others.

Capricorn: Your career is likely fairly straightforward, traditional, and respected. You are likely to find success with some time, hard work, and dedication. You aren't afraid to aim high when choosing a career, many years of schooling or climbing up the latter does not put you off from setting a goal. The potential you have for success might even be a little intimidating or frustrating at times, and you likely feel a great obligation to provide for your family through your career.

Aquarius: You may be attracted to an ensemble oriented career, working with people, and/or entrepreneurship. Your career goals are big picture and likely include a desire to aid humanity, change the world in some way, or at least go to places no one has gone before in your field/think outside the box.

Pisces: Your career decisions are emotionally driven and not likely very practical. You are attracted to careers in the arts and/or where you can express your emotions, or even something to do with spirituality. You can be very lazy and apathetic in any career field that does not satisfy one of the aforementioned things. Your public persona may be described as enigmatic by others.

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