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Third House Cusp Rulers Breakdown

To learn more about what the third house represents and for interpretations of planets in the third house you can check out this video here

Aries: Likely took charge in neighborhood activities, among your siblings, or in school. Invested a great deal of pride in how well you did in school and/or how popular you were. Possible indication of an only child or else even a hesitancy to give up your individuality in favor of a group or community.

Taurus: Possibly a slow learner or very sensorially oriented in your approach to learning - i.e. needs to listen to and read book at the same time in order to absorb information. Stable, unchanging neighborhood environment as long as planetary placements do not contradict. Possible stubborn siblings.

Gemini: Naturally curious, highly involved in your community though not necessarily attached. May be prone to neighborhood gossip. Likely excelled in school due to genuine interest and aptitude.

Cancer: Strong emotional memory, more emotionally intelligent than anything else. Sentimental tie to community/neighborhood/siblings.

Leo: Creatively nurtured in your early school environment and neighborhood. Possibly given more attention than your other siblings or may be an only child. Likely had a very expressive and creative community environment growing up and gravitates to the same type of environment in adulthood.

Virgo: Detail oriented in school and the way you communicate. Naturally observant and critical - not necessarily in a negative way, simply meaning you pay attention. Quiet kind of backseat learner, the type of kid who never raises their hand but always knows the answer.

Libra: Socially involved in school and neighborhood, may be preoccupied with popularity. Not likely to show up to places alone. Your community is defined to you by the people that make it up/surround you more than anything else.

Scorpio: May have moved multiple times in your school years to different neighborhoods or tend to feel like the odd man out in your community. Difficult to open up to members of your community. Very involved learner but may withhold the extent of your intellectual abilities from your teachers/people in general.

Sagittarius: Difficulties focusing in school, sticking to the material, looking for more than what is offered, and getting so ahead of the curve in terms of curiosity that may fall behind on what is actually expected in school. Restless in your community. Born to run syndrome.

Capricorn: Oppressive school or neighborhood environment. Anything from it just wasn't a fun place to grow up or feeling like you were hyper controlled and/or had to stick to too many rules.

Aquarius: Possible indication of alternative schooling, or else you just stuck out as someone who learned differently. Either a very diverse and welcoming neighborhood or you might've felt like you didn't fit in.

Pisces: Spiritual and/or artistic emphasis on your schooling, possibly by form of religious school or Steiner education. Similar emphasis in your community. Artistically nurtured in your schooling experience or by your siblings.

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